New Home, New Hopes

Welcome to the new home of Petty Tyranny!

Its been a while coming, but moving back to the United States, spending time with my fiancee after a year apart, a sluggish job hunt, and generally getting my bearings has made both my transition away from tumblr and steady publishing a battle of months rather than days.

The factors are few, but powerful. The venerable Galrahn alerted me to the reality that many military bases block tumblr (for whatever reason), making either Blogspot or WordPress superior platforms for purposes of reaching a major part of my target audience. Next, although I love tumblr as a multimedia platform, I was getting far too many “adult” and spam blogs “liking” my feed. Any potential employer, curious about my writing, risked getting a wrong impression with any glance at my “notes”. Such a risk is simply too great given the state of the economy and my rather new presence amongst the foreign policy blogosphere.

I hope you all enjoy the style and substance of the new home. My sincere desire is to write more frequently, but this is proving to be a rather slow process involving a lot of confidence building and self-reflection.

I will be posting media, articles, and shorter clips over at the Petty Tyranny tumblr site, so do keep up. Thank you for your support so far.



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